The Light of Awareness and a Change of Focus

When we arrived Friday afternoon, we met most everyone and I felt an instant connection with many of the attendees.  Everyone was kind and excited to be there.  How fun to put faces to the names and voices we heard or talked to online.  Where are you from? was heard over and over.  Folks came from Ireland, Canada, England, Mexico and the US.  How did you find Eloheim and Veronica?  Youtube.  Me too!  It was so interesting and heart filling to meet so many people on the same loving page.

We found our cabins, made ourselves at home and went to eat dinner.  Omg.  The food was absolutely delicious each and every meal.  There was a huge variety catering to all needs, gluten free, vegan, and others.  I ate too much, had to taste everything, you know!

Friday, the opening night of our retreat, Veronica channeled Eloheim and the Council for the first time.   We were reminded of the Witness’ emphasis on the three most important of the Eloheim Tools, “I am willing” “This is my first choice and “What is true now?”   Each member of the council came in doing their own thing, clearing our energy, getting us centered, speaking their pieces.

Eloheim spoke about our tendency to go right to “you suck” when something in our lives doesn’t go the way we ideally think it should.

I forgot to buy more toilet paper/milk/gas, I always forget, now we are out, and everyone is mad at me, therefore, I suck.  My spouse/friends/family ignore me, I must deserve it, yeah I suck.  I yelled at my kids, I really suck.  In fact, I screw up so often, I suck bigtime!

We often focus on the small things that we or others judge lacking or label sucky in our selves or lives.  Instead, change the focus to what works wonderfully.  The choice is ours where we put our focus.  And always ask, “What is true now” in those moments of suckiness.  This helps us change our focus.

What is true now?  I have a car and money, I can go get some more right now.  No one will “get dead” because I forgot.  What is true now?  So and so has a busy week at work right now.  So and so’s favorite aunt just died and is distracted.  I am all I need and I am wonderful.  I can entertain myself.  My hands work perfectly, they are painting this awesome picture while I stand here in my garden.  What is true now?  I remember to do/buy most of what what this family needs.  I am tired right now.  My right knee bends perfectly.  My heart is beating.  I am great at typing.  I am awesome.

I do not suck.  I love.  I am loved.

Fred came in and told us we were superheroes in a superstar band starring in the halftime show of the Super Bowl and everyone is cheering and clapping for us.  He was so enthusiastic and fun to listen to, as always.  We laugh and cheer right along with him.  He always comes into Veronica with a huge silly grin and you never know what he is going to say but it’s always a good time.

The Warrior came in with a different message this time, they actually spoke quite intensely on a topic they say they know little about and never speak of, Love.  Usually the other entities focus on that but the Warrior had something to say that night.  They told us we exist in a Field of Love.  It’s who we are, it’s everywhere and unavoidable no matter what we tell ourselves.  We exist, therefore, we are loved.  We love.  WE ARE LOVED.  Period.  I could see tears all around me, including myself during that.

The Matriarch ends the meeting with the statement that the Council has created a quilt of love that you are draping over you.

What a moving beginning to our weekend.  Afterwards, everyone got up and began to talk to each other in small groups.  I found myself standing alone and watching like I usually do, feeling the messages of the meeting and letting it sink in, not really sure if I wanted to talk to anyone.  Besides I don’t know these people…..  So after a few minutes, I was uncomfortable and left to head back to my cabin.  As I walked up the path, I realised I was doing the “victim” thing….and shook my head at myself, I know better.  I chose this focus, not a pleasant one indeed, and time for a new one.  When I got to that thought, I heard noises in the dark bushes to my left and suddenly a possum ran across the path right in front of me to the other side of the bushes.  I had to laugh!  If that wasn’t a sign, a wink as Eloheim says, I don’t know what is!  Check out the totem meaning behind Possum if you wonder what I mean lol.  Possum is a loner, likes the dark so he can hide, freezes when spotted.  Yup, I got it and chuckled some more.

I said, “I see you” to my mini woe-is-me moment, shining that light of awareness on it and headed up to bed, tired and still not on West coast time.  I do not suck because I was uncomfortable and slipped into victim mode for a few minutes.  What is true now?  My body is tired and I am on overload right now.  I love and am loved.  I got into bed, content and excited for the next day.  What a long journey, can’t believe I am actually here!!


4 responses

  1. Hi Dorothy,

    It’s fun reading your recap of the retreat. I had forgotten what Fred and the Matriarch said! I was so focused on what the Warrior said that the rest seems to have vanished. In retrospect I think the love that the Matriarch says was draped over us was something we all felt throughout the weekend. Thank you for bringing that all back to me.

    Sue Trainor


    • Hi Sue! Nice to see you in my little part of the world lol. I have to admit, I took notes after the meetings so I could remember things. However, I look forward to the dvds because I forgot most of it pretty quickly, there was so much coming in!

      Yes, that quilt of love is definitely still draped over all of us. I want to shake it out and spread it over everyone else too!


  2. Hi Eileen,
    Yes, I spot them, after the fact lol, and most of that is due to Eloheim/s teachings and the use of their tools. The light of awareness is not always complimentary lol but it helps me see what I’m doing and make changes.
    Thank you for telling me what you feel about my energy, it’s nice to know that others see the light in me. I can see the same in others, in myself, still working on that.
    I don’t think I have enough memory and words to share everything about my trip but there is lots more to come! Thankfully, Veronica is making DVD’s of the event so I can see it again because it’s mostly a blur. I took notes when I could so the dvds will refresh my memory. You guys are gonna be sick of it lol.


  3. Hi Dorothy
    I love how honest you are with yourself .. and how you can also spot those things and laugh. It is great to read your experiences on your blog because your energy is so pure and true. You shine !!
    Thanks for taking us with you… am enjoying hearing about your trip.


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