A few photos from the trip

If you click on the pictures, they will enlarge.

1. My cabin at the retreat, very nice.  2. The view from my cabin towards the cantina and pool and meeting house.  3. The Labyrinth.

4. The huge tree in the center of the buildings, beautiful.  5. The cantina (food hall).  6. View from the cantina, outside.  Veronica sits in the middle.

7. A foggy San Francisco view.  8. Flying to Albuquerque.  9. View from the plane over New Mexico.  Look at the drawing on the ground!

10. View from Lisa’s back door, her mesa.  11. One of the plentifully blooming cacti in that area.  12. A hummingbird posing for me in the early morning.

13. Me, no makeup, that same early morning in Lisa’s backyard.  14. A sweet little bunny in her driveway.   15. Lisa’s mesa and her home in front of it to the left, if you look close.

16. Flying home on Southwest Airlines, my favorite of the 3 different airlines I flew.  They have a different animal on every single plane, in fact their motto is, A different animal.  I love this one since Lisa’s totem is a panther, how appropriate!


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