I’ve had some stuff mirrored back at me the last couple of days.  Yuck.  Not enjoying that!  It does tell me where I am still holding onto things though.  I reacted with the energy of past associations instead of the current me, of who I am now.  Eloheim’s tool for this is “Who Answers the Door?”  Well, it was definitely my 35 year old self who answered the door, twice, and snapped at someone, not today’s version.  She needs some extra comfort and reassurance and to let go of what no longer serves.  I also have to learn to love that “me” because I keep wanting to judge her.

Meditation here I come.


One response

  1. Interesting Dorothy …. I had a similar thing too over the weekend. Then the other night I remembered the healing tool I used years ago called TAT … the info is on my site if you want to take a look …. another `tool’ .. 😉 I did find it useful though …
    It’s all a work in progress isn’t it ..


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