Leaving on a jet plane….

in 4 days!!






Unfortunately I don’t believe I can take the laptop with me but will be able to check in on Sunday night on the hotel’s computer to give you an update on the retreat. 

I’m trying not to get ahead of myself and stay present but omgosh I am getting so excited!!  Veronica channeled a new group this past week unexpectedly (Eloheim thought it would happen at the retreat), so we will be hearing new input from them as well.  Eloheim called them The Witness since their message is one of confirming and witnessing the change, the vibrational change that we have all come through and continue to uphold as we move into the higher vibrations.  Eloheim said it was like having your (their) quality control supervisor come in and tell you what a wonderful job you have and are doing and congratulations!

Today is I must take care of more mundane matters since I have tomatoes to can and blueberries to make jam out of, all out there in the kitchen calling my name insistently right now.  Erin’s mishap has caused us to fall behind as that was what we had planned to do all day yesterday but couldn’t.  We got one box of tomatoes skinned and cooked down for sauce ready to can, another box waiting for attention and a batch of blueberries that cannot wait any longer.

Off I go!  Have a great Sunday!



2 responses

  1. Thanks Carolyn! One more day of work left! I leave Thursday morning. I am all packed except for the last minute stuff. Still have to find my camera though. I could leave tomorrow! LOL! I plan to take my journal so I don’t forget anything and can fill you all in on the details when I return or sooner if Lisa lets me borrow her computer at some point.
    I am nervous and excited and have to keep reminding myself to breeeeathe……


  2. Oh I’m so happy for you I hope the trip is everything you would like it to be. I read your schedule, looks like you’ll be so busy, shame about the laptop, never mind there will be so much to blog about when you return, In case I miss the post to say your leaving Have a fantastic time and enjoy every moment
    love to you x


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