No Accident is Accidental

Look what I just found from Abraham Hicks.

I transcribed one part of the video for you.

“That Source within you, your inner being, has a different opinion often than you do if you feel anything less than wonderful.  The Source within you is always acknowledging the value in the rendezvous, is always looking for the positive aspects and the benefit of…When you  make one small decision that you are going to feel good today no matter what, no matter what you are doing, where you are going or who you are doing it with, that you are going to look for reasons to feel good, you begin to tune yourself to the vibration of the Source within you…then that becomes the dominant point of attraction instead of some conversation.  Nothing is accidental.  Everything is vibrationally aligned. “

Sometimes, ok most of the time, Esther/Abraham speaks so rapidly it’s hard to keep up, but the point is there are no accidents.  Erin’s accident speaks to me of her strengths, and though she may feel vulnerable, her core, like her car’s core, is solid.  Erin told me this afternoon that earlier that day, like in Esther’s story, she had had almost the same type of accident but saw it in time and remarked on it how close that was and what was that person doing driving like that!  Vibrationally aligned, definitely.



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