She will never forget this birthday!

Friday after work I decide to go to the local store as opposed to out of town to look for three birthday gifts.  It was a last minute decision because I had intended to go out of town but then ended up driving to Kmart here in town instead.  My car took me there without any thinking.  For sure for a reason.  I found what I wanted and was meandering back to the front when I got a phone call from my son.  He never calls me, he texts.  He says, “Where are you?”  Kmart, why?  “You should go out front, now.”  Ok? Why?  “You’ll see ambulances and firetrucks.  Everyone is okay but Erin wrecked her car.”  What?!!!  Noooo!  Not again, I think!

I totally abandon my cart and run out the door to see chaos in the main road.  Firetruck, tow truck, police, ambulance, traffic all backed up in front of the store’s big parking lot.  I grab my car and zoom out there, park and run towards the chaos.  Matt meets me and points to the ambulance, says they’re fine, but Kaia is upset and Erin thinks she would do better with you there.  They let me inside after I glance at Erin’s car being towed away, the front end all smashed.  Kaia is on the stretcher with a neck brace getting checked out while Erin is sitting beside her.

Apparently a woman pulled out in front of Erin and Erin t-boned her.  She really did try to miss her but couldn’t.  Erin saw the car waiting to cross the road out of the parking lot, said to herself, she’s not going anywhere, looked away and when she looked back, the woman was in front of her and Erin was unable to avoid her.  Erin and Kaia already have bruises from the seatbelts, along with headaches, are achy all over but they will be fine.  The car does not look good but not sure how much damage was done.  She may end up with another car.  Oh and tomorrow is Kaia’s birthday.

We calmed Kaia down.  I talked to Erin and we spent two hours at the hospital getting checked out for insurance purposes.  Also if they need medical care later, this provides a foundation so it can’t be disputed.

Two years ago Erin totalled her van when her foot slipped off the brake and she rear ended a big truck.  I helped her research and choose her current car.  Last year she hit a deer.  Two months ago a blue barrel flew out of the back of someone’s pick up truck and dented the side of her car.  I don’t know what all this means, but I told her she’s grounded and not allowed to drive anymore!!

Was not the way we intended to spend our Friday night, that’s for sure.  I said to Erin, you sure know how to keep life interesting around here!


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  1. So sorry to hear about Erin and Kai really hope they are doing ok. Man what good intuition you had to have decided to head in that direction to do your shopping

    love Carolyn


    • I know, right?! Kaia is fine, got a seatbelt bruise is all. Erin is having back issues and had xrays and a cat scan (?) mri (?) today, whichever is the appropriate test. We shall see what comes of that. Send healing, okay? I’m sure she will be fine though.


    • Kids are fine, though Erin says her foot really hurts today and she aches everywhere. She’s probably going to have the foot xrayed tomorrow. They both have pretty seat belt bruises across their chests, and the car’s front end looks like someone peeled the side fenders forward and pushed the hood and bumper down and under. That car protected them extremely well!! The inside doesn’t look pushed in much at all, they came through it relatively unharmed. We hope the other car’s passengers did too but don’t know.


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