It’s all coming together!

Ten days.  In ten days I leave to head west for my retreat with Veronica and Eloheim and the Council.  The retreat will be from Friday to Sunday and I will then leave there on Monday to fly to visit with Lisa Gawlas for three days.  I am so excited!

Plane reservations are made.  Travel arrangements finalised today to and from the retreat on Friday and Sunday.  Overnight arrangements made for Thursday night with a fellow retreater and on Sunday at a motel, sharing the rooms with another both nights, cutting our costs.  We are taking the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) from the airport and back and that is only ten dollars each way.  Cheap!  The hotel will provide a shuttle to the airport on Sunday for free so that’s great, too and we can catch the BART directly from the airport on Thursday when we land.

I connected with a fellow retreater since she lives on the east coast in Virginia and is coming in on Thursday as well.  We chatted on the phone today just to get to know each other a little before we meet.  Our planes miss each other in Chicago by about an hour and ten minutes.  So she will get to San Francisco before me but that’s okay.  What a shame we didn’t end up on the same plane though!  And our respective planes leave within six minutes of each other on Monday morning.  No coincidences, eh? 

I discussed my trip in detail with my husband finally.  He asked me if I was coming back or was I going to join a spiritual commune now?  Sigh.  Yeah.  Isn’t that what it means when you go on a retreat?  I offered to send him the link to what I’m doing but he declined.  Today was our anniversary and he gave me money towards the trip before he even had all the details.  We quit giving each other gifts years ago so this was a surprise.  Yikes.  I didn’t get him anything though I did make him a nice dinner.  He was supposed to drive in the demolition derby today at the fair but since he fell off the roof last weekend, our son drove it instead and he was the support team.  So he was gone most of the day anyhow.  

So all the pieces are falling into place.  Time off, check.  Everyone informed of plans, check.  Plane reservations, check.  Ground transport, check.  Overnights, check.   Albuquerque plans with Lisa, check.  Money saved and put aside for food and incidentals, check.  Found and measured the small suitcase to see if it will fit the overhead bins on the planes, check.  Only thing left is to pack.

Excited, check!!


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