Birthday Fun

We had such a good day Saturday for my grandson’s birthday.  He slept in late after being woke up at 2 and 3 am (his birth time) by his Uncle Matt (my son) with a vigorous happy birthday harassment.  LOL  Poor kid.  One year Matt plastered his room with Justin Beiber posters and magazines, it was hilarious.  He totally dislikes the singer but since his hair tended to fall just like Beiber’s back then, we called him The Beib.  So Matt continues to be a pain in his nephew’s butt lol.

Then Torrin came here for his present.  His mom told me the night before she wanted to make him hunt for his gift like I used to do for the kids when they had big presents like bikes.  So I wrote five clues, each one leading to the next clue’s hiding place.

The last clue included a scrambled word that was the room his gift was in.  He had such a hard time, he can’t open the fridge and find anything without help lol so he was very flustered trying to find the clues.  He would stand directly in front of one and not see it.  Hahaha.  His little sister and mom had to point him in the right directions and as for the scrambled word?  Let’s just say he couldn’t figure out “omor”, so “angamdrs” was impossible.  Again he needed his sister’s, mom’s and grandpa’s help to find his gift in “grandma’s room”.



In there awaited an electric guitar his mom found in a yard sale for only $50.  It is a Fender, gorgeous and in perfect condition.  Grandpa and I bought him an amp to plug it into so he can use it.  He gets so embarrassed, does not like being in the spotlight and didn’t want to play for us, but we finally got him to just make some sounds so we could hear it being played.  The guitar sounds wonderful.  He’s been taking guitar lessons for two years (after dropping the viola that he learned on at school), and for the last year he has been longing for an electric guitar.




Me, Tor and Kaia as he checked out his new   guitar.





Tor, Kaia, and my kitty Pearl as the boy tries out his new toy.





After the hunt, we headed to the mall where he and his mom took in a movie and Kaia and I went shopping.  I bought sneakers for me to replace my 3-year-old ones and found new ones for her (big sales yay!) for school.  Then Kaia and I went and grabbed a snack so we could hold out until dinner since we had missed lunch.  After that I found and purchased a cooler pad for my laptop since it keeps overheating which causes it to shut down all the time, as well as printer ink having been out for awhile.

Then we met up with Erin and Tor and shopped at this really cute kid’s clothing store for Kaia.  It has clothing that is colorful, cute and age appropriate instead of suggestive like a lot of girl’s clothing.  And the prices and quality are really good.  Score!  We bought Kaia the school clothes she needs (she has the nerve to keep growing!).  Torrin got to get some new shirts and a new ball cap too that he wanted.  Bonus is that if you spent 100 dollars at the mall, they reward you with free school supplies if you went to the mall office with the receipts so Erin scooped those up too!

Kaia has spent the summer with her 17-year-old cousin and has turned into a shopper lol.  Before she would complain when we shopped now she loves looking for deals and things she likes.  While shopping yesterday she told her mom that Lydia had “changed her life”.  Omg.  LOL.  But she was very well-behaved all day and that was great.

We met up with Grandpa at the restaurant of Tor’s choice and had a nice dinner together.  Naturally mom and I did our best to embarrass the boy on his birthday by threatening to tell the server so they could come over and sing to him.  He objected and said he would leave!  LOL  So of course we would sing to him, often and in duet, just loud enough so that if they were listening, others could hear.  Then we changed the words up and were laughing so hard we couldn’t sing.  The boy got red, and the server said, “Oh is it your birthday?” and asked if she should get a group together to come sing to him.  NO!  Hehehehe.  He was so red but also grinning and enjoying the attention.  I even got to give him a kiss and a hug.  As we walked out to the parking lot and he headed to grandpa’s truck to ride home, mom and I continued to holler from across the lot, “Hey, Happy Birthday Torrin!”  just like we had forgotten to say it before.  Ah, the joys of harassing and embarrassing the kids.  Payback for all the times they did and still do that to us lol!

A day thoroughly enjoyed by all.  I am sure Tor had a great 14th birthday and one he won’t forget.


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