Complacency Is Not An Option and Revisiting Obessessive Thoughts

Sometimes I get complacent about the things I have learned, the energies I have cleared, and the feelings of “oh yeah, I got this now” start to take root.   Oh, I get it, I think!  I can handle whatever comes along with the tools I now have at my disposal.  Look at me, I have grown, yay!

Then, of course, something happens, someone says or does something and I find myself getting snippy or irritated or confused.   Umm hey!  Thought I understood this?  Thought I cleared all this out?  What??  Sigh.  Here I go again.

This week has brought some strange, retro type dreams.  Dreams I used to have often, dreams of not being able to get where I am trying to go, not being able to find my car which has somehow disappeared from where I parked it, and even a scary one.  I can’t remember the last scary dream I had, not in any detail, but I know I was frightened in this most recent one.  I didn’t write it down and have now forgotten the details but I remember that it bothered me I was scared.

Then I found myself reacting to someone who was not doing anything to irritate me but I was irritated nontheless.  And the irritation was a past reaction to this person who was no longer in that mode having done some major changing.  It was definitely me, not them.

I was reflecting on a tool the Eloheim gave someone called “The Notebook Tool” which then led using their other tool “What is True Now”.  The Notebook Tool involves noticing and writing down every single time you think a certain thought.  It occured to me today that my thoughts revolve around certain topics:  Money, Health, Husband.  None of the thoughts are all that pleasant to think.  And I have thought the same ones over and over and over.   Eloheim has said, paraphrased, if thinking could have solved a problem, it would have been solved long ago because you certainly think it enough!  And the Notebook Tool came to my consciousness.  Obviously I need to start paying attention and to use this tool.

Here is an excerpt from the meetings with the Eloheim where this tool is taught to someone who comes to the meeting and is always obsessing about money.  I had to go re-listen to this.


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