Who Else Wants to Take a Ride in My Car Now?

This is the latest edition of “Who’s in my car?”

The last couple of days I have looked in my rearview mirror and noticed something hanging from the top of the inside.  It was outlined by and sitting near the back window.  I wondered what the heck it was?  Maybe an insect?  Kinda looked like one, but it wasn’t moving.  A strange leaf?  That had legs?  Didn’t look like a spider.  The silhouette was wrong.  And it didn’t move during the two days I noticed it!  I kept forgetting to check it out so tonight when I parked it, I finally remembered to look. 

Holy crap, it was a large praying mantis!  Bright green and oh so pretty.  I laughed and laughed.  Really?!  You’re kidding me!  Gaia is not letting me off the hook here!!  How did you get in here, I asked?!  And why did no one else see it?  So I went and found a stick so it could climb on it for safe transport.  I coaxed the amazing little beauty on the stick and carried it to a nearby tree and just stopped and gazed at it, telling it how beautiful it was.  I thanked it for joining me in my car and told it I felt that it will be happier on this tree.  I bet it was hungry.

I have no idea how long this praying mantis was in there since this is a new car I started driving this week. 

So, to recap.  The first day I had to scoot out a small nest of ants.

The second day, I had a white moth, a black wasp and a blue bottle fly have to be escorted out. 

The third day was a tiny spider who floated down in my face. 

Today, the praying mantis in the back window. 

Wow!!  I am dumbfounded.  And appreciative!!


4 responses

  1. I know! Everytime I think of this, I laugh. I have to say, having the praying mantis show up has been the highlight. What a gorgeous, elegant being. And who knows how long it sat in my car waiting for me to notice!


  2. Oh …. I love the praying mantis. Haven’t seen one in ages …. too cold for them here in Scotia. I wonder what will be next ….. um …. maybe a ladybird. 🙂


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