Insect Visitors

During the last week I have been visited by all kinds of flying beings in my car.  Most of them surprise me, a How/When did you get in here? thing.  I can’t say that know what they all mean or even what they were but this is not common for me and I had three of them fly in yesterday and at least one per day in the last week.

Yesterday I was visited by a white moth or butterfly similar to this with a single pretty circular design of some sort on the lower corners of its wing,

a large black wasp – which I didn’t relish staying in my car for very long so off it went as quick as possible without examining it too closely,

and a blue bottle fly.

There were lots more, too.  I can’t ever remember so many different insects jumping into my car in such a short period of time.  Like the elementals are greeting me.  Trying to get my attention.  I love it.


But the bees and wasps can stay outside and just wave at me through the windows, k?

UPDATE:  Today (8/09) at the end of the day, a tiny, tiny, white spider showed up in my car.  Where did you come from, I ask?  My window was closed!  I grabbed its web, opened the window and let it dangle outside until it went on its way.  Cannot remember the last time a spider appeared in my car….


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