Too hot to move

Today was the meditation class I am taking with Lisa Gawlas.  Per usual, the energy combined seems to mess up the chat room so instead of verbally chatting, most of us just typed.  Which is fine because we don’t talk over each other this way.  Today was the third one and I found my old love of connecting and giving messages to people.  I forgot how easy it felt for me.  I just seem to understand the symbols given to me and the feelings that come up to be expressed.  Of course, I spent a long time studying Tarot several years ago with all the symbolism in there then learned the meanings of animal totems at the same time since I had two decks of animal cards.  I still have to look up some animals to remember what they are trying to tell us but usually have a good idea without double checking.  So we discussed each others’ readings while also learning from them.  Was a good class!

This next week’s homework seems a bit daunting but interesting.  There’s a different meditation for each day of the week.  Boy does that put pressure on me!  There are many days when I come home and collapse after dinner, there is no actually “doing” of anything extra!  Gonna have to push myself.  We shall see what comes of it. 

I tried to work on the sewing project today I spoke about earlier this week but I got stuck and need to go buy a certain product to get the thing to adhere together.  Thought I had some but guess it’s gone.  Also headed to the grocery store since there wasn’t much in the way of anything good to eat around here.  I ran out of fresh fruits and veggies and I got to have those in my fridge and my husband still thinks he needs meat so off I went to freeze my butt off in the grocery store.  You wear shorts since it’s so hot outside then you go in there and it’s way too cold!

It is really, really hot here, hot and sticky, and has been for quite awhile.  Dog days of August!  Whew. 

And to add to the heat misery, I have had the privilege of waking up with a headache in the back of my head for three straight days.  No matter what I have done, it would not go away.  I attribute it to the energies and solar flares raining down on us.  It finally eased up some tonight.  I also called on Archangel Michael for clearing and cleansing and got my usual tight, tight headband feeling he brings with him for me, but this time it felt much stronger and hung around a lot longer.  Wonder what that means?

The grandkids should be back this week, not sure when though.  And my daughter comes home late on Tuesday from her trip to see her friend so she will be here get her dog the next day.  Think Jeannie misses her kids because she has been getting quite antsy these last two days.  I forget how needy doggies are until Jeannie comes to stay with us lol.  Something to be said for my two independent kitties!

We are short a transporter so another busy week ahead for us.  Better go check my laundry and think about bed.  At least it’s cooler now!  Goodnight All!


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