Vacation Photos

Here are some photos from our trip earlier this month up on Lake Erie.  We took this one as we began an unexpected more than 2 hour hike in 100 degree weather.  We thought it would be about half hour up and half hour back.  We just wanted to see Chimney Bluffs up close.  Boy did we.  The trail often slid over the edge and we had to make many detours.  Erin and I wanted to pass out  :p.  Kaia complained for the last hour ( so did we, I will not lie, but we kept it to ourselves) and we thought we might be lost for awhile because the trails branched off so many times while we made our way through the woods back to the parking lot… to the right somewhere over there….we think….maybe…….!  Boy did we do the happy dance when we came out in the right place!!

The lake was beautiful though and if we could have jumped over the edge into it, we would have!!

Chimney Bluff up close.  That’s sand.^


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