From Storms to Apple Trees

I sit here with a kitty laying close, another laying at my feet and more rainstorms coming through.  All day long we have had hard rain, thunder and lightning coming through here off and on.  Sun will come out for awhile with blue skies and then a couple of hours later, boom, it’s dark and we’re storming again.  That drought is getting a good drenching around here.  Nice to see everything greening back up, things were starting to get quite brown out in the fields and in our yards.  By the time I walked to my car this morning I was soaked.  Nothing like starting your work day with your clothes stuck to your back and feeling cold and clammy.  The storm was right overhead and I jumped a foot when the lightning and the thunder struck at the same time!  Certainly won’t need to wash my car this week.  We are short a transporter again this week as someone else is on vacation so our days are spent going from one transport to another without much wait time in between.  It’s nice to not sit around in the office though.

On another note, I am taking a meditation class with Lisa Gawlas for six weeks just to see how much further I can go.  We explored our personal apple trees last week as our homework for the class, all aspects of it, bark, trunk, fruits, leaves, branches, surrounding area.  We were instructed to see what came up as we explored it, what visuals, sounds, thoughts, feelings came up during the meditation.  This week, apparently we are doing so well that our teacher guides have instructed us to explore another’s tree by following our own roots to the designated person’s roots and up into their tree.  Basically we are to give them a reading based on what comes up as we explore their tree.


In my old group and the other one we used to be very active in, we members used to give practice readings for each other.  At first, I would have panic attacks if I even thought about saying something, then little by little, it got easier the more I did it.  People told me I was talented at it though I didn’t have that much faith in myself at first.  Flukes and made up stuff, yup, that’s all it was, I was sure.  Eventually I even was able to connect to spirits who had crossed for people, not often but probably because we didn’t have a chance to practice much.  I also got pushed to learn to read Tarot many years ago, enjoyed it and learned a lot about symbols and what feels right to me so that helped a great deal.  However when Lisa told us this week that we were to give someone else a reading, I had a flashback of panic.  OMG.  A reading!!  OMG!!  What?!  Noooo don’t make me!  I didn’t sign up for this!  It’s been well over a year since I last gave one, I don’t know how to do it anymore!  And I had a moment of oh, wish I could use my Tarot cards, at least a card gives me a starting point.  Wow.  Didn’t know I had all that fear still in me lol.

Well, gotta get on the bike and remember how to ride, right?

So I did a meditation last night and wow, the visuals I got were unexpected and illuminating.  I have yet to send it to the person since we don’t need to do that until Saturday so I don’t have any feedback.  To me it felt like this person has a thick protective wall around them and it was not easy to get past that.  Their tree trunk was dark and thick.  The area surrounding the person was clear, with people far, far away like they were behind some sort of barrier.  I climbed up in the tree and looked around, there were apples in it but well hidden so that no one could see them very well.  According to Lisa, apples represent wisdom.  So this person is hiding their wisdom and light while keeping the world at bay, trying to be strong.  And the most wonderful visual I had was when I looked down and noticed that the tree trunk had split vertically, and shining out from the split was Light!  I got down to look inside and the light was orange-y golden and shone outward like the light from a flashlight in the dark or the flame from a fire.  I was amazed.  Look at what is hiding inside this person and slowly coming out to be used and viewed.  Light, passion, fire.  It was exciting to me.  At that point I felt like I was done for the night so I left, but as I laid in bed afterwards, a song kept going through my head.  Songs have always had messages for me and I hear them for others too while doing readings so I got back up and wrote down the phrase of the song so I wouldn’t forget it by morning.  It was an Adele song and the phrase “I Set Fire to the Rain” just kept repeating over and over in my head.  I’m not sure the whole song is pertinent but I will pass it on and hopefully, the person will understand.



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  1. I just got positive feedback from the person about the reading that I did for them. Whew! I’m so glad that I was not off on my own cloud lol. Some of it I don’t understand so it’s good that they do. It feels good to know I can still do this and even do it in a different manner than I normally use.


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