I Wonder?

I know I wonder lots of things about the bloggers I read on a regular basis.  And often I really wish there were more written in a particular post I read.  So, being the open book that I am, is there anything else you might still wonder about me?  My kids, my childhood, my marriage, my job, my wishes and dreams, politics (ack!), my feelings about something?  Feel free to ask!  Or have I spilled my guts enough so that your curiosity is satisfied?  LOL!  There is so much I never write about, thinking you probably have no interest in these things and sometimes I wonder myself if what is here has enough details (or too many?) or if I have skipped over something you wish I hadn’t. 

What I write comes from my heart and it feels cathartic most of the time for me.  Basically, yes writing is for me.  It’s like I can’t help it.  Gotta write somewhere and here works really well for me.  Before this, when I wasn’t writing here, I was writing elsewhere, at my old group or in my journals or trying to help friends.  I think probably most bloggers/writers will say the same thing.

So, got questions?  I’d love to hear them.  Leave me a list of things you wonder and I’ll answer as best I can.  If not, I’ll assume I have already answered them! 

Carry on.


3 responses

  1. Hey Dorothy
    I love reading your blog. The more you write about yourself … the better. A friend and fellow blogger Metewa wrote a blog recently about how blogging is like writing in your diary. I feel this too … when you wrote above that `And often I really wish there were more written in a particular post I read.’ I feel that you may not be referring to me 🙂 .. as I get it all out there … so to speak.
    The other day I was even going to quite literally write about what I had for breakfast .. as recently i have discovered a new a rather delicious breakfast of pineapple and Greek yoghurt. You simply cut up a pineapple and dunk it in the Greek yoghurt … yummy.
    Personally I love reading about your life …I only tend to read blogs in which people write about their own journey because it is fascinating and enjoyable to read their stories and it is also wonderful to connect with kindred spirits.
    Thank you for YOU.


    • so interesting Dorothy, I too love your blog. Remember those “nothing books” they were actual books with blank pages…..I survived my whole life writting in those books. now, the books are gone & I just don’t write any more….huge sigh. I just don’t feel I have any thing to put down the words, I do miss the old group sometimes tho. I come here to your blog daily. I would enjoy knowing where you also go, to other The more I read the better I feel, atleast for awhile the eyes can still see.
      love ya hun!!!


    • Aww, thank you Eileen. And that’s why I read yours too! No I was referring to some other blogs, not yours, about wanting more…
      Ha, my life. Well it mostly feels slow and boring but apparently to others, it’s not lol. What did I have for breakfast?……hehehe
      Sumr, so glad you still come here. I miss talking to you all too. Okay, you and Pat and Moon anyhow. Time for another chat eh? Anyhow, what do you mean you want to know where I go? When? I are confusled. lol. You should write again and just pretend to write to your mom and let the words flow. It feels good. I hope your eyes hold up for a long time for you! Love you hon.


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