Little by little I am clearing out rooms, weeding out what I don’t use or want or need anymore, throwing away bits and pieces that are broken and unusable and making “give-away” piles so someone else can get what they need from them.  It makes me feel good when I can see clear spaces again that I have let get so cluttered over the months or years.

Today I spent hours upstairs in my “Craft/Crap Room”.  Since I began this full time job, that room has just become a place to throw lots of things that I don’t have time to find where they should go, too tired to care, or just don’t know what to do with so they end up there until I do.  My mother-in-law also loves to send stuff home that I “might like” to have up there or “could use” so I didn’t fill it up all by myself lol. 

And oh yeah, my cats love it up there, too, it’s quiet and full of comfy material to lay on  😦  .   Lots of cat hair and hairballs left behind.  Yuck.  I love my kitties but do not enjoy the results they leave behind lol.  Oh well!  We humans make our own messes, don’t we?

So I sorted, organised into give away and throw away piles, put things away where they belonged (thread, needles, paints, fabric, Christmas decorations lol) and then looked for a project that would capture my interest.  I know I want to make something for someone but didn’t know what until I had the aha moment of doing a wall hanging of a picture she herself took using the applique method of building the picture with fabric.  I did one once of a real lighthouse and it turned out really cool but I have to go back and remember how to do it again!  I think she will love it.  As I was looking through all the quilt and project books I have (after deciding which ones to keep and which ones to give away), I found a new thing I want to try and that’s a type of rug hooking.  I can use all my scraps of fabric with it, too.  Bonus!

It was really nice being up there again.  I still have to get the vacuum out to get rid of the cat hair but I can walk around it and have clear working space again.  I need to get back into making things, it is relaxing and quiet and I love seeing what I can craft with my hands.  Plus I give away what I make and it’s more personal to give what I create myself.  When I get more free time, I intend to try other crafts as well.  I am one of those people who don’t like to do the same project more than once so I don’t tend to repeat my stuff.  It would be fun to be able to make a living at it, not sure I am good enough at any of it to do that though and since I don’t like to make the same thing over and over, no mass quantities happening here.  However, it is satisfying and fun to do!

Do you craft or make homemade items?


I'd love to hear from you!

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