Interesting Day

Yesterday was full of drama in the weather department.  Thunderstorms and lightening strikes and tornado warnings with one touching down about half an hour away.  It caused a false alarm at the County building where I work just as I was heading the door through a downpour so I turned around and went back to the car until that was over.  The week has been like that weatherwise and today does not look any different.  We have been so dry these last two months, drought conditions, and we need the rain but coming down so hard so fast does not help, it causes flooding instead.

Internally, lots going on, externally, I don’t see it.  I asked Lisa during a reading why am I not seeing a change in my outer yet?  If I am so changed, why does everything seem the same?  Okay, so there is no “if”, I know I am changed, I feel very different from 5 years ago, one year ago.

Last night’s dream snippets

1….going on a trip, packed two bags, realised I couldn’t take two so was unpacking and repacking into one bag and trying to decide what to leave behind.  I did manage to get what I wanted to take in one bag.

2….I had this baby( mine?) I was holding and it fell asleep so I put it down.  It woke back up.  I tried lots of different things to get it back to sleep, rocking it in my arms, closing curtains, turning off the tv, rearranging bedding, making someone be quiet, finally saying why is this baby not sleeping?!  It was rather annoying since I wanted to go to sleep myself, but the baby’s eyes kept popping back open as soon as I laid it down, then it would start smiling, playing, rolling and moving.  Obviously not going to cooperate with me.

Whoa.  Very clear messages here.

1…need I say anything, really?  If you insist.  I have been cleaning out and clearing my inner being, my energy field, my emotional and mental field, choosing what I want to keep and what I want to let go.  What a process that has been!  Still doing that, it’s ongoing as something comes up that gets my attention.

2….the baby is me, my spirit, my awakened being telling me that there is no sleeping now.  Stop trying to go back to sleep, you are awake now.  No going back to sleep or back to who I was.  Time to be awake and play!


Yesterday I had the follow up to my rescheduled reading with Lisa.  Eileen I thought of you during it.  Lisa said I had a huge, multicolored spiral on the ground at my feet that was spread out far and wide.  She said it reaches out a long way and it almost touches her.  So I went and looked at your header and boom, there it is, a multicolored spiral.  I love it!  It makes me feel connected to you.  And to everyone else.

She said she sees that there is no separation anymore between my inner self and my outer self.   They flow together.   Good to know!  Actually, nice to have that confirmed because I felt that myself with all the work I have been doing for the last few years.  As for why I don’t see it?  I feel it instead.  The outside is changed and changing, I just can’t see it.

She mentioned seeing gold bouillion falling from the sky denting my physical vehicle which was represented by a car surrounded by a white, net-like energy field.  They were putting dents in the energy field as they fell.  Interesting.  The night before I had just booked the flights west for my trip next month and I seriously cringed at the money I am going to have to spend and question my sanity spending so much.  So the fact that I am using my physical assets to invest in my inner self is worth it, is a good investment, and Spirit is letting me know that.

She also addressed several of my questions.  She said that with my spiral on the ground I am more connected to earth and will use what I have learned and am learning in a more earthly manner as opposed to what she does.  That makes sense to me.

Ok I have to run.  Going to be late!  More later!


One response

  1. That is fab Dorothy
    I feel that we are so connected … I also love the way in which Lisa includes us all in her readings. We are all connected … part of the One .. and this is becoming more and more apparent every day as we share things and find each other saying the same thing … being drawn together … we are in a spiral of creation energy.
    When you spoke about your weather yesterday I thought of this …which I posted the other day :The Mayan glyph for July 26th is ‘Cauac’ – the Blue Resonant Storm and is ruled by the planet Pluto, which is a very powerful planet. It is the initiation by fire, the lightning path, and the arrival of the thunderbeings who bring the final transformation. To the Maya, Cauac represents the storm, the thundercloud full of purifying rain, and the lightning that shatters any false structuring of reality.”

    Our day yesterday was dark … the whole day a dark ominous cloud hung over us … finally breaking through to rain …and then evening Sun. We went for a walk last evening and the sky was the most beautiful colours of pinks … the cloud formations incredible.

    Yesterday too I posted a picture from Space weather which showed a cloud forming on the Sun’s surface which looked like an elephant. It reminded me of the song `Nellie the elephant’ ..and I felt that there has been a shattering of false structures of reality and just like Nellie the elephant we packed out trunks and said goodbye to the circus! That fits in well with your dream of packing too 🙂

    Keep sharing Dorothy … we are creating together.
    ((Big Hugs))


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