Go Time

Well today begins two weeks without the grandkids.  It will feel strange not to see Kaia everyday and know that Tor is nearby to see now and then.  They will be having fun though with their other grandma, aunt, uncle, baby cousin and their father in Florida.

Kaia had a second session with Erin M. last night and Erin laughingly told me that Kaia’s spirit directed the entire thing.  Hahaha, I would expect nothing different because that is what she does here!  Or attempts to anyhow!  When I told Kaia goodbye last night, we talked about how she reacts to her brother’s taunts especially now that they will be together night and day for two weeks.  Basically, I suggested she walk away and let him talk to himself.  “Don’t take it personally and remember to be the best Kaia you can be.”  It was a good chat and hopefully, with the sessions she will be able to maintain her balance with him.  I love the boy but he’s nearly 14 and that should say it all right now.

My daughter is going to visit a friend next week in another state for a week.  She is so looking forward to seeing this friend.

It definitely will be a quiet two weeks around here.

Thinking, talking and doing time.  Extra meditation time.

Thinking I do a lot of, lots of hamster wheel spinning going in there which is debilitating and non productive.  That needs to stop.

So all my babies are flying the coop for awhile!  Time for mama to get a life!

PS.  I woke with two bites on my right foot last this morning that I didn’t have last night, one in the middle on the bottom and one near the ankle.  Think Spirit is reminding me it’s time to step forward?!  LOL


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