Feeling Better – whew!

The pain in my jaw/teeth/sinuses has eased considerably in the last day.  I woke up this morning and it took me a few minutes to realise that my face wasn’t hurting.  My sinus cavitities were hurting so much Thursday that it felt like a weight was sitting on my face which added to the teeth/touchy nerve misery I had going on.  Eating hurt, drinking hot or cold hurt.  And weirdly enough, I swear the pain moved around my mouth and face, one time on the left side, later on the right, and back.  When it moved to my sinuses, I was like…what??  Now that, too?  For the life of me I could not pinpoint it and neither could the dentist.  I had her so confused.  LOL  Two weeks of this!

So when I woke this morning and noticed that there wasn’t a low grade ache going on in my face just waiting to blossom to a screaming, searing pain at the slightest wrong move, I was ecstatic!  I could drink my coffee this morning without absurd manipulation of the fluid in my mouth.  LOL.  I did notice that a cold drink with ice sent a shock through me that quickly went away instead of hanging on indefinitely, however that was in the area of the work they did for a crown last Saturday.  So, while not gone completely, it’s so much better that it feels like it is.

Yay!!  I am very happy.  I’m thinking that the energies coming in and the work going on in my head has eased up.  Thankfully!  Anyone else feeling that?  Of course, this time I was smart enough to remember to ask for Spirit’s help as well, they can’t help us if we don’t ask and usually I forget.  So I’m sure that played a part in it, too.  All I know is when I’m in the midst of continual pain, nothing else matters and for the most part, I can become oblivious to everything else.  Then the ego/survival instinct kicks in and starts telling me I am going to lose my teeth or there is a tumor in my face or they’re going to have to take out those new caps I had put in in February or I’m going to have to have surgury, etc., etc.  Sheesh.  I am so grateful that I don’t have to live like that all the time!

Relief!  Getting closer to that Shambala flower, I think……


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