New Kid in Town

This past weekend Erin Mackley worked with my granddaughter and daughter.  We didn’t know what would come of it, only had high hopes that Kaia would feel better and not get emotionally overwrought all the time.  This would not only help her but help the rest of us to connect with her and be able live with her with ease and grace and joy!

Well that does not even begin to describe the change in Kaia.  Erin and I keep looking at her and thinking, who the heck are you?!  And wondering, is this a permanent change?  Please, yes!  Not once in three days has she snapped at anyone, had a frowny face, pouted, yelled or argued with us.  Her face is clear, her eyes are shiny and bright, and she has a smile on most of the time.  Do you understand the magnitude of this?  She couldn’t go an hour without doing one or more of those things.  Three days, people.  No screaming or mean attitudes at all.  I waited this long to write anyone about it because she has not been able to go very long without some sort of unpleasant scene and I wanted to see if it would last.  It’s like a heavy shroud of energy has been lifted off of her and she is shining.

One one-hour session created this huge change.  I’m not sure what Erin M. did as I wasn’t there but it worked.  This is a new child.  The one we all dreamed about when Erin was pregnant with her daughter.  Now maybe my daughter will get to enjoy a lovely relationship with her own daughter like the one she has with me.  I am so happy for Kaia.  And for all of us as well since we get to reap the benefits of this transformation.

Just think, if other kids could work with energy workers like Erin, they wouldn’t need all the drugs they keep giving them!

Thank you thank you Erin.

Erin Mackley – Inner Journeys of the Soul


2 responses

  1. That’s wonderful news, I’ve been waiting to see how everything went and I’m so happy for everyone involved that it went so well

    much love


    • I am still amazed. This child has never smiled so much. She is happy. And affectionate. And easy going. And fun! It’s like the old personality left and a new one dropped in. We are still staring at her with a “who the heck is this?” look and saying, Please let this be permanent! She has a two visit with her father coming up and that will be a test since he is a well of negativity. Gonna send extra angels and protection with her for that!


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