What a week.

Whenever I think life is finally smoothing out, something else comes up to bite me.  Lisa Gawlas is always saying, Aware is not Awake.  Apparently I’m not awake yet cuz I’m still getting nudges or knocks up side the head!

So between feeling yucky in the beginning of the week and having a tooth/jaw ache on the left side for over a week then the hot, muggy weather, I am not finding it in me to write much right now.  Plus I have to work out some personal stuff and haven’t had the right opportunity to deal with that yet so it weighs on me.

I have visited the dentist twice this week (the second time was for capping a broken tooth -on the opposite side of the original jaw pain- the break occurring right before we left on vacation…..something about teeth for me right now!! ).  Even after xrays, dentist tells me she sees nothing and cannot figure out origin of the jaw pain.  It’s weird.  She did give me a muscle relaxer due to the knots in my jaw she could feel and some pain meds so I could hopefully feel better.  Pain meds work well.  I tried to work on healing it myself but not much success.  Then I called Erin and we moved some energy Friday night which did help a lot but it’s still not gone.  Erin discovered I was having some definite things going on in that side of my head as well as some other energy pressures working on/in me.  Maybe the jaw pain just needs time to settle down after both treatments.  Or, if it is a tooth, time to really flare up and let us know where it is….hope it’s not!!

I do know jaw pain and tooth pain is related to repressed anger.  Ummm, yeah.  ‘Nuff said, right?  Working on it.

In another hour, my daughter and Kaia will have their session with Erin.  I am really excited for that.  I’ll let you know how it goes when I know.  Erin tells me she is really optimistic about the session.  Awesome.


Ok, it’s hot, the computer is hot, I’m outa here.


Big Hugs to you all.


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