Back to work

Today I am back at work.

Today I feel like my heart is wanting a good cry.

Today is one of those days where I wish with all my being that I had someone right here, right now, to lay out all I am feeling with someone who gets me, someone objective so it can be released and some perspective put on how I feel.

I know my life is about to change and I just want to cry and vent and there is no one here to do that with.   People around me are changing big time as well.  Leaving.  Doing new things boldly and bravely.

My little ego is screaming at me because she is afraid of change.  My soul is saying yes!

I am sad and weepy.  Where is my bravery and boldness?  I look at how much I have inside and it wants to burst out.

Right now, I am feeling the need to talk to someone who understands!

Love and tears at the same time.


12 responses

  1. Awww Dorothy…I feel as close to you as if you were the sister I never had…I have free long distance and just give me a good time and we can chat for hours….sometimes I think my ears and thoughts are all I can off others right now in this crazy life I am living…maybe you could listen to me and help me on this path that has been set before me…let me know ..anytime is good..or come and see me in are always welcome to this frat house I call a home…Frat House cause of the boys…lol


  2. wish I could be with you, or even just a talk on skype, but I know it’s not the same thing. know too that you a very much admired and loved
    wanted to share this beautfiul meditation with you and sometimes I just listen to it as I fall asleep. may it bring you peace and comfort

    Quan Yin jewel in the lotus

    Om Mani Padme Hum


    • awwwww Pat, that touches me….it would take hours…..not sure I would even make any kind of sense lol….you are wonderful to think of that….geez you started up the tears again with your offer….I’m thinking the shift in energies is what is bringing this out right now….shakeups, endings, and openings galore, oh my!


  3. ((((( DOROTHY )))))))
    I wish I was closer, but in my heart I also know you must find your way alone. I don’t ubderstand the “WAVE” you are surfing, but again we are never truly alone….you said that. I am sending you warm hugs. tears clean our souls too.


    • thanks for listening…love to you dear sumr…no matter how different we are, we are truly friends….not sure I made much sense though lol….hope it didn’t come across as whiney, just letting out some emotions….


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