On a lighter note

Earlier this week as Kaia and I were walking and talking, she asked me, “Was the world black and white for you too, Gramma?”

Big pause as I stared at her, befuddled.

She was quite serious.  Big brown eyes looked at me patiently waiting for an answer.


“You know, back when the world was all black and white, before it was in color?”

Suddenly, I knew what she meant and I started laughing, totally cracking up over how her mind was working.

I said, “Do you mean like the black and white movies on tv?”


How do I phrase this and not insult her….while still laughing! 

“No hon, the world was never just black and white.  We always saw colors just like now.  It was just that in the beginning of the movies and photographs, they were only black and white because we didn’t know how to make color pictures at first.” 

“Oh.”  Her wry face was priceless when she realised her mistake.  I was laughing so hard at the imagery and how she came up with it.  And she started laughing too.

Awesome moment between us.  Turned into quite a discussion.   

I tell ya, grandkids can have a way of making you wonder just how old they think you are!  My grandson once asked me, at just about the same age, with his face plastered to the truck window after watching an Amish buggy go by, “Did you drive one of those when you were a kid, Gramma?”


Really guys, I drove a car and I saw in color.  Amazing, right?





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