Lots to laugh at!!


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  1. Hi Hate to post this here ..but tried the email addy I have for you and it said it was not in service….this is the 4th time I went to different Home Goods store and I finally got you some Himalayan pink salt..its really good too as it is in zip lock bag…….if you email me Ill email you back the home address I have for you and then I can get it into the mail…hugs Pat


    • Oh wow Pat! Thank you! Thank you!! That’s amazing, I never expected anyone to do that! I am so touched. I have not gone looking for it in person, did find a site or several lol that sells it but haven’t done any ordering. Very cool, I can’t wait!
      Yes, the email addy on the Contact Me page is correct but I went back and changed it so it’s clearer, you just have to type it in. It is correct and current. I will email you right now!
      Look everyone, once again Universe answers the call for more love in my life [said with a contented sigh]. It’s everywhere.


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