Hands on Healing

My session this week with Erin again proved very interesting.  Amongst other topics, she asked if I had ever considered (hands on) energy healing.  Holy cow, here it is again!  This is the third time three different psychics/energy workers over the last few years have said that to me, in different ways.  It made my heart beat faster to hear that come from her, too.  Yes, I would be really interested in doing this work and if it came to me from three different people, I should pay attention, yes?

(Oh and even my masseuse told me something similar while we were talking during my session last month.) 

Last night, I said to Erin, how can I heal others when I can’t even heal myself?!  She laughed and said, yes that seems to be how it goes.  We need others to help us get out of our own way.  Actually that makes sense. 

All three people told me that I move energy well.  Well the first time I heard that, I thought, yeah right, me?  I have no clue how or what I’m doing, if I do!  The second time I heard that was last fall.  I was still a bit confused about my ability to do it, but since that first time someone had told me I could move energy well, I had had a hand, so to speak, in healing my sister-in-law’s dog. 

For those that don’t know the story, a few years ago my sister-in-law’s dachshund had had a bad reaction to shots (that were apparently an overdose for her), her white blood count plunged and she nearly died.  She had had four transfusions already that didn’t take and was due to have her next one a few days after I arrived for a visit.    I love that dog, as I do all animals, and Greta would abandon my sil for me everytime I came to visit.  Not this time.  Greta was one sick little girl who didn’t move, just laid on the couch or floor, was barely eating and had no energy.  My sister-in-law was despairing and nearly ready to let her go.  My brother had died less than a year and a half before and my sister-in-law was at the end of her own colon cancer treatments.  This was the “last straw” for her.  Everyone was being taken from her she believed.  This was my only family, and I really wanted to help both of them. 

So with a prayer for it to be for her highest good, not having a clue if what I was doing was going to change anything, that night I pulled Greta onto my lap and proceeded to pull violet healing energy through my crown and send it out my hands, which lay on her back.  I pictured it flowing into veins, her blood and her very cells.  I did this for about five minutes or so without saying anything to my sil.  The next day, Greta had lots more energy, ate, and she looked almost like her usual self!  My sister-in-law was joyous.  And when Greta went to the vet two days later, her blood count was up to almost normal.  A miracle they called it. 

I was thrilled and kept saying to myself……did I do that?  did I have a part in healing Greta?  If I did, cool!   Finally, I accepted that I had accomplished something awesome (with spirit’s help, of course!).  I know I did.  But it has been my little secret, shared with very few because who, besides this kind of community here, would believe me?

Too many nudges to ignore.  Totally uncertain how to even take the first step – but I’m sure it will happen.  I wonder if my daughter would let me practice on her?  She’s got lots of physical issues….  🙂  Do I take a class or just plain do it as an opportunity comes up with a willing participant? 

Regardless, somehow I have to find a way to do this or be part of a place that does this.

Ain’t life interesting? 



7 responses

  1. From this story of Greta..I would say you have already somehow have gotten the Reiki attunements…I am a Reiki Master and my expertise seems to be animals also…I know I ran Reiki on my big dog as he lay dying in my arms…and he passed very quiet in my loving arms…My hubby loves when I lay my hands above him…he swears I am touching him …but I am not!!! energy release is truly a strange experience…..hugs…


    • Interesting. Yes Pat, I have had two Reiki sessions in our old groups. And when Matariki sends her Reiki out once a week, I try to remember to take that in. Just taking it in will attune me?
      Aww that’s a wonderful use of Reiki, to help someone cross like that, and I bet your boy totally appreciated the gentle help. Wish I had known that when I was sitting with my brother as he crossed.
      A few weeks ago my daughter’s coworker hurt his back badly at work. He was laying on the floor a few days later trying to relieve his pain. Laying on the floor helped but he couldn’t seem to straighten up after getting up, let alone get his legs to move. Two customers who practiced Reiki were there and they came over to him and laid their hands on his back. Erin watched him slowly straighten up and he was able to walk easier after that. He totally denied it was them doing “something”, though it was obvious to Erin.
      That would be wonderful to help someone like that!
      Thanks for the input Pat.


      • Dorothy … if you have been tuning into the empowerments which I have sent out you ARE connected to Reiki. They are exactly the same as the ones which I give to Reiki students who come for Reiki 1 training with me. It makes no difference whether I am there personally or not … reiki transcends distance … which is why we can send distance reiki to others. I do this all the time …
        I have used reiki on people, plants, animals situations … I use it every day for everything. It is amazing.
        You ARE connected to reiki … in just the same way as those who I see and give an empowerment in person are. That is the fun of being a Reiki Master … you can pass it along to as many people as wish to receive.


  2. Yes, I do remember that wonderful life story on Greta !!! I also thought Reiki was an avenue for you Dorothy. I have myself thought about doing it, have had one treatment & was so amazed with what I felt as the reikis woman laid hands on me. I hope you do this too.


  3. Hi Dorothy
    I don’t know if you have been tuning into any of the Reiki empowerments which I have been sending out most weeks. These empowerments are sent with the intention that all those who wish to receive are connected to Reiki. They are exactly the same as the ones which I give to someone who I am training at Reiki 1 level. There is no difference to receiving these empowerments by distance .. reiki transcends time and space.
    So …. if you have been tuning in to these empowerments – you are empowered … and you can give Reiki to others and to yourself.
    Practice on yourself … place your hands on your head and you will begin to feel the energy flow. It takes a wee bit of practice. ( See my page on Reiki empowerments and you will see what I am talking about … and what I have been doing)
    Have some fun with it… and see what happens. Reiki is amazing.


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