A Gift of Love


You know how I blogged yesterday about wanting more love in my life?  Well, ask and ye shall receive!  Spirit was listening for sure.  I was gifted that perfect moment this morning and it has nourished me all day.  You just never know how what you say or do affects someone else.  And oh, watch what you wish for because you probably will get it but not in the manner you thought you would!

I was walking into work today, as I often do several times during the course of a day, in and out between trips, and I passed at couple of women on the sidewalk.  One of them I recognised as a client but have had no direct dealings with her, didn’t even know she had registered me on her radar.  After I passed by, I heard something hollered out to me that I didn’t catch so I turned around to see her looking at me and grinning.  

“You’re always smiling!” she repeated.

I paused, stunned speechless for a moment. 

 “Cool” I finally replied, “Thank you!”

I smiled, probably even wider at her, and went inside feeling lit up and like I was just given a gift.

She likely thought that was a weird response and I kind of winced that I said cool.  The thought process she ignited and went through me in the second before I answered her was….I am?…I smiled at her?…I didn’t know I did that!…I don’t remember doing it!…I must have done that unconsciously…That’s great because I have been working on looking at people in the eyes and smiling for the last couple of years – instead of head down, ignoring them and going by, feeling shy and insignificant – guess I’m doing it without even knowing it now.  Wow, I have really come a long ways! 


(On a side note…I don’t like that aging has not been kind to my teeth and I admire everyone else’s.  Yes, I admit it, I have teeth envy.  That’s another reason I was stunned.   So maybe I am the only one who notices?!  Or judges them?)

You never know, do you, how you affect others?  I had a positive one on her that I was unaware of and she gave it right back to me.  Wonderful gift of love today.

I have smiled all day.  Thanks Universe. 




4 responses

  1. It is Mati, sometimes I wonder how much is oversharing but I can’t seem to stop! LOL! I tell myself, ok only gonna write a couple of paragraphs and umm, yeah, off I go writing an essay again.
    For me, I share because I know what I feel and think and do is not unique, we all are like this, just expressing it differently. Some of it is unconscious, some conscious. And besides, it’s like I have to share. This is where it all spills out, you lucky readers lol. In my daily life, I have to censor a lot but not so much here.
    So. Thanks for reading my essays! I appreciate you!
    See? Another confirmation of Love in my life from the two of you. One just has to pay attention. It’s there, isn’t it?
    Big hugs to you all.


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