Your core emotion/wound

This subject is near and dear to my heart and has been since last year when I came across the Eloheim discussing it via Veronica Torres. I had heard versions of it beginning with Sylvia Browne when she talked about Life Themes.  She explained how we choose one of 45 themes before we incarnate so we can learn specific things.  I also read another being’s discussion of this subject later and it rounded it all out for me.

So, when we plan our incarnations we choose a theme for our life, which ends up running in the background of all of our activities and interactions.

My theme in this lifetime has been Rejection according to what Sylvia Browne via her guides teach, and then I was able to put it into words with help from the Eloheim (I had a session with them last year~ awesome!).  The unhealed statement for that says I matter to those who matter to me.  I have said before that I always felt like I was invisible, that it didn’t matter what I did or what I wanted, and always felt that I didn’t deserve to be treated special anyhow.  So this fit me perfectly.  And I could see by numerous incidents in my life how this theme has played out.  People left me numerous times, made commitments and reneged, misled me and made no effort to support me in what I felt was important, didn’t answer when I asked for something, and often left me out of fun things.  Or so I believed…and I took it all so very personally.

Looking  at it consciously, the healed portion of that statement, or theme, is now  I matter to me……..I matter…….hey, what do you know…. I matter!  I truly have come to that realisation.  No matter what others do, or think or act like, I matter to me.  I matter in this world.  I make a difference just by being alive and having a soul.  And that is all that counts.  I feel far more peaceful and settled in myself having worked through this.  I feel tuned in to me.  And I completely accept me no matter what others opinions are.  I know who I Am.

All this comes from becoming aware of my core wound and find the conscious position of it, ie healing my core emotion. 

I love this subject and will be sharing this with one of my groups this next week in a class.  I would love to have others realise their life themes and understand how it affects every moment, every action, every reaction.  Just by becoming aware, the healing begins.


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